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Monday, December 29, 2008

good riddance

Of all the holidays I dislike, I hate New Year's Eve the most. As most of my friends refer to it, Amateur Night is a forced, often insincere celebration about something we really don't care about.

I prefer something like the event held for the second year in New York City's Time Square. It's called "Good Riddance Day." People line up to throw things or symbols of things into shredders or compactors and, by so doing, purge themselves of things that annoyed them in the past year.

On the top of my list would be a picture of our still president.

Second would be election campaigns that take longer than the length of term of office being sought.

Pictures of politicians who do bad things and are not punished because they've "suffered enough."

Ticketmaster charges that add at least 20% to the cost of a ticket.

Names of charities who every time I send a check immediately call asking for more money.

Arts organizations who quote a small positive phrase from a negative review.

Wait staffs who are so attentive during the meal and forget you when you're ready to pay the bill.

Vegetarians who seem to enjoy salads more than I do my steak.

PG ratings for violent films.

Product placement.

What's happening to commercial television.

Critics who hate being criticized.


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