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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

storm aftermath

The storm is over. I had sixty hours without heat or electric and for 72 hours I was without cable, phone or internet service. I never realized how much I take a warm house for granted or how dependent I've become on the internet.

I understand shopping malls, restaurants and hotels did extra business because of the storm, but entertainment venues were crushed. Thursday and Friday were horrid and some shows did all right on Saturday and Sunday, but not enough to make up for some crushing cancellations.

At times, the customer is upset with entertainment venues because there are no refunds for weather related cancellations. Most organizations offer tickets for another performance - but no cash refunds. That's because most professional organizations have contracts with performers and touring shows that state if the talent arrives - the fees must be paid. Therfore, the show must go on. With an organization like Capital Rep or Cohoes Music Hall, the performers are in town for a run and all they have to do is walk to the theater.

This is a tough time for arts organizations to lose business because January is usually a very slow month as people usually try to save a few bucks to make up for hoilday splurging. In tough economic times, arts are usually the first areas to be cut, so the loss of a holiday windfall can be disasterous.

There is still a lot of holiday fun to be had at local venues - so be sure to check out Insight on Thursday for some great ideas. You will have a good time and at the same time be helping some worthy organizations.


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