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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Arts Whisperer

Welcome to the Arts Whisperer, a new blog we hope will offer a fresh way of helping you keep up with art and entertainment happenings around the Capital District.

It's informal, giving me an opportunity to share a more personal look at area theater, art, restaurants and maybe even movies, DVDs and television. No limits. Because blogging is also interactive, it will give you a chance to offer feedback in the form of insights, suggestions and (dare I say it?) criticism. I hope that as time goes by this will be an instrument of learning as well as fun for all of us.

Perhaps some personal background is in order. It's been about 20 years since I started writing reviews and features for the Record. For nearly ten years before that I did the same for the now defunct Knickerbocker News of Albany.

While writing for newspapers, I also toiled in the "real world" of entertainment. I was the Marketing Director for Proctors Theatre, Schenectady and later became Executive Director of the Palace Theatre in Albany.

During my 14 years at the Palace, we offered a lot of pop music ranging from Billy Joel to Phish. We also co-produced a number of theatrical productions. My favorites - "Grandma Moses" with Cloris Leachman and a couple of "Christmas Carols" with Wilford Brimley and later John Astin. Recently, I produced another "Christmas Carol." The stars of that prodcution were Barry Williams of "The Brady Bunch" and Jeff Conaway of "Taxi" and "Grease." (To see some behind the scenes of that experience see Jeff on Celebrity Rehab on television cable VH-1.) In my "spare" time, I directed local theater productions and served on several not-for-profit boards. Currently, I am on the of Caffe Lena board in Saratoga Springs and am president of the Pearl Street Rug and Counselling Center in Albany.

I hope my experience helps you find some enjoyable things to do in this wonderful community in which we live.



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