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Friday, December 31, 2010

london musems

London - Not only does London have great theater, it has several great museums. While the United States (and New York in particular) in times of economic trouble the arts are the first thing cut. In the UK, who is struggling with recession the same as us, it would be unthinkable to hurt the arts.

Not only are the museums offered a good budget there is no admission to any public museum. Compare that to places like the Metropolitan in NYC, where admission - though called a donation - makes the experience unaffordable to some people.

My favorite London Museums are the National and the Tate. My absolute favorite is the National Portrait Gallery. While the National has a collection of marvelous art the Portrait gallery is both art and history. Next to portrait is a story telling of the person's history and their relationship to people who's images are shown nearby. And leave it to the Brit's to be open. Next to Charles II there ate portraits of two of his reported 14 mistresses (including the infamous Nell Gwyn). Yes his wife is there too, looking a bit disapproving.

Spoiled by film and theater how cool is it to see the actual images of people like Richard III. He doesn't look anything like Olivier or Pachino. I have to go the Portrait Gallery last because it becomes so absorbing I don't get anywhere else.

I haven't been to the Tate on this visit, but I will. Last time here the museum helped alter my thinking on the worth of contemporary art. I'm certain when I go to the Tate it will stimulate me to take a trip to Mass MoCA in North Adams, Mass.

We are fortunate in our area as we have more than our fair share of some excellent museums. Mass Moca, the Clark, AIHA The Hyde and the State Museum, to mention a few.

That's one of the values of travel, it makes you appreciate what we have at home.


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