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Sunday, December 19, 2010

running away from 2010

It's been about 6-weeks since my last post and how much has happened or is about to happen in the arts.

Today NYSTI is about to perform what very likely will be its last show. Troy Music Hall is without an executive director until the board completes a national search that could take months. Rumors have Capital Rep merging with Proctors and a number of other arts organizations are in such desperate financial straits that going out of business is a possibility.

Arts funding is considered a luxury by federal, state and local governments. The assumption is arts contribute nothing to the economy.

I wish I had some wise solutions to the problems that stem from irrational logic.

Instead I opt for the Charlie Brown philosophy that states "No problem is so big or complicated it can't be run away from." Therefore I write this from snowbound London where the arts are appreciated, funded and supported by all. I've always believed, if you're going t run away from home run to the right place.

Over the next couple of weeks I plan to post not only on theater and arts but my observations on the culture of a nation we should emulate. I promise to write more regularly than I have in recent weeks.


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