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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Revolution Hall closing?

Word has it that come June (which is days away) Revolution Hall will be closing its doors and no longer will present live music. If that's true, it is a terrible loss to downtown Troy. Revolution Hall is not only a great place to experience live music, it has become an important venue in the music industry, attracting acts that would normally pass by the area without even stopping for a craft beer.

Just as important, the spot has become a valuable community resource hosting after-parties for Troy Night Out and benefits for the Arts Center. And will that thriving block on River Street have a major gap in the middle! People coming to Revolution Hall frequently eat or sip at other establishments before or after the concert. Its loss will hurt everyone.

It's not clear if this a another regrouping or a closure. Without a doubt,it has a to be related to profitability and the difficulty of making money on crowds of under 600 people.

I hope, if true, the closing is only for the summer and comes fall we'll have a thriving Revolution Hall with a great line-up of musical guests.


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