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Monday, June 10, 2013

On Sunday evening the world of theater had its biggest night - The Tony Award ceremony.  The good news is it was a night of high standards. 

If this show didn't tempt you to see a Broadway play it probably isn't going to happen. Just about every musical segment was great.  This despite, what I think, is a very weak year for musical theater.  Indeed, it's hard to imagine "Kinky Boots" winning over any previous winner.  In fact, the smart money was on "Matilda" this year.

So much for the smart money.   I never dreamt Broadway favorite Nathan Lane would not get best actor and lose to Tracy Letts.  I'm not saying Lane should have won, just saying I'm surprised the voters remembered Letts' marvelous work in "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?"  Letts has won before but as a playwright for "August Osage County."

The real winner of the night Neal Patrick Harris who once again displayed great talent and charm. His opening number was brilliant the close clever and the bit with three Broadway talents who went on to failed TV series was funny.

In between there were the speeches - the majority to the point, many articulate and some from the heart.  Of course there were a few that thought we cared about the relationships with their managers, publicists and dressers.  

All in all, a good show.


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